“Top Gear, but not Top Gun”


Whilst he was attending the London premiere of Knight and Day last night in Leicester Square, Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible) was questioned by Absolute Radio (in an interview that can be viewed at the end of our report) about the possibility of Top Gun 2 getting off the ground but, despite producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean) recently talking up the possibility of a sequel, it appears that the rumours were unfounded, and that he will not be taking part in a sequel.

Top gun still has a huge following 24 years after it’s release, and as Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that he’s tried to get a sequel made in the past (but couldn’t quite pull it off) it doesn’t mean the idea is completely dead, just that Tom Cruise is not currently involved,

Cruise’s lack of involvement however comes a big blow to Top Gun fans the world over; who heard the rumours and were instantly looking forward to once again seeing hot-shot pilot Maverick prove his flying skills in a much more up to date, totally different, aviation world.

So for now at least, it looks like Top Gun 2 is following in the footsteps of Ghostbusters 3, and fizzling out; disappointing many film fans who loved the idea of a sequel, but would have probably only complained that it didn’t live up to the original anyway.

Tom will however be making a small-screen appearance (along with Knight and Day co-star Cameron Diaz) this weekend on the world’s favourite motoring show; the BBC’s Top Gear (a show Cruise has apparently wanted to appear on for “a long time”); and stated in another interview that filming, and racing the show’s reasonably priced car around the test track, was “a blast.”

Cameron and Tom’s Top Gear interview and lap-times can be seen this Sunday on BBC2, whilst Knight and Day will be hitting UK cinemas on August the 6th, and will be reviewed here on the 2nd.

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