A Kiss So Warm And Tender (Short) Review.


A_Kiss_High_ResComing from director Rob Hurtt, whose short films have earned a deserved amount of praise on the festival circuits, A Kiss So Warm And Tender is the tale of a man who, following the demise of his relationship, seeks vengeance on the man he holds responsible.

Taking place almost solely in the office of the mafioso looking for vengeance (played by Paul Kelleher, recently heard in the Alien: Isolation video game), and focussing on a conversation between the mafioso and his victim (Eric Colvin, Zombie Resurrection); discussing marriage, honour, and the reason why the victim has clearly been beaten so fiercely; A Kiss So Warm And Tender is an 11 minute short, which is well lit, engaging, a believable look into the vengeful mind, and filled with enough tension to hold you through to it’s growing but inevitable conclusion.

Filmed in a single night, and written following Rob’s own divorce, A Kiss So Warm And Tender features solid performances from both leading actors (particularly Paul Kelleher), is brilliantly lit, proof what you can do with a near non-existent budget, and sure to resonate with a large number of viewers. With one or two questionable shots failing to hinder an otherwise fairly powerful and believable short, A Kiss So Warm And Tender suggests Rob has huge potential; meaning it’ll be well worth exploring what he does with his first feature-length movie (the upcoming horror, Weir Inn Estate).

Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.

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