Arnold Schwarzenegger Considers Terminator Comeback


Still considering the way in which he will eventually make the his full scale return to the world of acting, Austrian bodybuilder, turn action legend, turned Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger now has a couple of new options; as he’s currently considering roughly 15 film offers; including returns to some of his most famous franchises.

Speaking during an interview at the Arnold Seminar, Schwarzenegger confirmed that he’s currently pondering some “obvious” offers that include everything from reprising his role in a franchise such as “The Terminator, to remakes of Predator, The Running Man, and all those things”; franchises and films that would not only be a guaranteed hit, but are the likes of which first made Arnold a household name, and ensured his popularity for a number of generations.

Confirming that he’s also considering “a lot of original stuff”, Arnold surprised many listeners when he stated that he’s “packing a comic book character right now”, and although he wouldn’t provide details on exactly which character he was looking to bring to the big screen, did say that he’s “going to announce that sometime by the end of March or the beginning of April.”

So while his inclusion in any sequel or remake, of one of the many popular franchise we associate him with, is far from confirmed, it’s nevertheless an interesting fact to know that Arnold may once again appear as the infamous T-800 (without being simply digitally added in to an inferior movie), show up in a battle against a superior Predator, or even bring a mystery comic book character to the screen, in the near future.

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: The Arnold Fans.

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