Assassin’s Creed new poster


UK audiences may not be seeing Assassin’s Creed until next year, but the excitement for the big screen adaptation of the hugely successful video game franchise is clearly increasing, and looks to continue to remain at the front of our cinema-orientated-brians by releasing a brand new poster (below).

It may not be as original, or eye-catching, as some of the other posters we’ve seen, but highlights our stars; Michael Fassbender (Macbeth), Marion Cotillard (Macbeth), and Jeremy Irons (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice); and showcases Fassbender’s assassin, and the now iconic hidden blades he’ll be using to dispatch of any Templars he can catch unawares.

Starring as a drifter named Callum Lynch, Fassbender will find himself being held by a shady corporation (Abstergo) who place him into a memory device known as the Animus; where he relives memories of a 15th century Spanish assassin named Aguilar (from whom Lynch is descended); and learns about the age-old battle between Assassins and Templars, and how Abstergo may be hiding some dark secrets.

Brendan Gleeson (The Guard), Michael K. Williams (The Wire), and The Babadook’s Essie Davis will also co-star in the Justin Jurzel (Macbeth) directed movie which is due to be released on 21 December in the US, before making its official UK release date on 1 January.

Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.
Source: 20th Century Fox.

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