Jan 202016
Room Review

We review Lenny Abrahamsson’s Room; a film that deserves its Oscar buzz, but should come with an emotional warning sticker.

Aug 192015
Trainwreck Review

While not a Trainwreck itself, Amy Schumer’s new comedy movie have the potential to be much more than it ends up being. Read our full review now.

Apr 022015
Seventh Son Review

Read our review to learn why Seventh Son, the action/fantasy film fronted by Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore, is a “train wreck” of a movie.

Feb 072015
Inherent Vice Review

Joaquin Phoenix leads an all-star cast in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice. Read our review now to find out why it’s “an over-rated mess.”

Feb 012015
Ex Machina Review

Alex Garland’s sci-fi Ex_Machina deals with advancing technology, and asks how can you tell when a machine shows true consciousness? Read our review for more.

Jan 232015
Wild Review

Our review of Wild; the Oscar nominated biopic of Cheryl Strayed; starring Reese Witherspoon as a woman who hiked over 1000 miles to heal herself.

Jan 262013
Sessions, The review

Our review os The Sessions, the true story of a disabled man who finally decides to lose his virginity, and hires a sex therapist to help him along the way.