Feb 052010
The Invention Of Lying: Blu-ray Review

Set in a world where people can’t tell lies, The Invention of Lying is the story of a man that learns how to fib, and how his new found trick change’s the entire world. Read our truthful review to find out if the film is as funny as it should be, and how the Blu-ray disc compares to that of other recent comedies.

Jan 292010
Mesrine: Blu-ray Review

Mesrine is the True story of Jacques Mesrine, France’s most notorious gangster; famed for robbing 32 banks, escaping from prison 4 times and being public enemy no1 in two continents. Read our extensive review of the French gangster epic, covering all aspects from action and acting to picture and sound quality, to find out if the Blu-ray lives up to the legend.

Jan 242010
Gamer: Blu-ray Review

Have the directors from Crank successfully brought The Running Man into the 21st Century, or is Gamer just another visualization of a 12 year old boys fantasy gone wrong? Read our full Blu-ray review to find out.

Jan 182010
500 Days of Summer: Blu-ray Review

500 Days of Summer is not a love story, it is a story about love, or so say the filmmakers. Read our full review of this quirky and original romance film to find out how true that statement is, and how the film looks and sounds in high-definition.

Jan 152010
Surrogates: Blu-ray Review

Set in world where people live their lives through robots rather than leaving their homes, Surrogates asks the questions, what would happen if a whole way of life was threatened? and is safety better than feeling? Read our full review to find out, and see if the Blu-ray disc quality matches up to the utopian future of the Surrogates.

Jan 122010
The Taking Of Pelham 123: Blu-ray Review

Morton Freedgood’s novel and the 1974 thriller movie ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’ has once again been adapted and modernized for a post-9/11 audience. Read our full review of the film and its high definition release to find out just how it stacks up against the classic.

Jan 102010
Blood And Bone: DVD Review

Underground fight films are being released in their droves, so what makes Blood and Bone stand out from the crowd? Read our full review to find out if the acting is up to scratch, if the stories any good, and more importantly, how the fights look.

Dec 222009
Breaking Bad: Season One: DVD Review

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) lived a boring life as a broke, 50 year old, chemistry teacher until he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and decided to start cooking crystal meth so that his family would have some money left when he died. Read our full review of this highly original series as the entire first season is released on DVD.

Dec 142009
Public Enemies: Blu-ray Review

Michael Mann’s gangster epic, starring Johnny Depp as real-life criminal and folk legend John Dillinger, and Christian Bale as Special Agent Melvin Purvis, whose only job is apprehending Dillinger. Read our review for full information on the movie itself, and it’s high-definition disc.

Dec 132009
Crank 2: High Voltage: Blu-ray Review

Jason Statham is back as Chev Chelios in ‘Crank 2: High Voltage’ another, totally wild, non-stop, action flick that doesn’t pull any punches. Read the full Blu-ray review to find out how the sequel holds up against the original ‘Crank,’ and if the picture and audio quality can keep up with Chev’s shocking life.

Dec 132009
RocknRolla: Blu-ray Review

After the success of ‘Lock Stock…’, and ‘Snatch’ came the bomb that was ‘Revolver.’ RocknRolla was director Guy Ritchie’s attempt at a return to form, with a more traditional cockney gangster flick. Read the full Blu-ray review to learn how RocknRolla compares to his earlier pictures, and how the disc rates in general.

Dec 122009
Marley and Me: Blu-ray Review

‘Marley and Me’ is the true story of a man, his family, and more importantly… his dog. Read the full review here to find out if Marley makes for a modern ‘My Dog Skip’ or if the Blu-ray is to be avoided like ‘Cujo’

Dec 122009
Silverado: Blu-ray Review

Silverado is a classic western tale of a town being terrorized by a local gang, and a group of friends that try and stand up to the bullies. read the full Blu-ray review, rating everything from the movie to picture quality and even Kevin Costner’s recently recorded interview.

Dec 112009
Seven Pounds: Blu-ray Review

Seven Pounds reunited the star, director and producers of ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ to create a similarly toned melodrama about a guy looking to help seven truly deserving people. This Blu-ray review discusses the film, and all aspects of it’s hi-definition release.

Dec 092009
Martyrs: Blu-ray Review

Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs gained much critical praise and viewer attention when it was released, not least for causing viewers to leave the cinema en masse and even vomit in the cinema aisles. This Blu-ray review examines the film in detail, and it’s hi-def release, including picture quality and extras.

Dec 082009
Gran Torino: Movie Review

Full movie review of Clint Eastwood’s epic drama, and possible final acting role, about a Korean War veteran whose pro-American, anti-everything else, views begin to clash with his Hmong neighbors culture, and the local, gang affiliated, youths.

Dec 072009
American History X: Blu-ray Review

American History X is one of the most powerful, yet underrated, films ever released, covering issues of racism, gang culture and prison life in a manner so realistic that it becomes harrowingly moving.
This review delves deeper into the films plot, as well as comparing the picture and audio quality to previous DVD releases.

Dec 072009
The Shield: Season 7: DVD Review

The final season of the Shield gave closure to the stories that fans had been waiting seven years to see resolved.
This in-depth review of the Season 7 DVD discusses everything from Season 1-7 plot elements and acting talent, up to bonus features and the value of audio commentary.

Dec 072009
The Wrestler: Blu-ray Review

Darren Aronofsky’s Oscar nominated epic saw Mickey Rourke rocket back to stardom, facing chairs, barbed wire and the odd lap-dance along the way. We review the Blu-ray release of 2008’s most critically acclaimed film.