Breaking Bad Star is Confirmed Grief Tourist


Most people first got to know Bryan Crantson as the simple, slightly crazy, fun loving, father in family sit-com Malcolm in the Middle, but over the past couple of years he has really gone out of his way to shake off that image; something which he has more than successfully done with his excellent portrayal of Walter H. White in the drama series Breaking Bad (for which he has just won his third straight Emmy Award for Best Lead Actor in a drama Series) and aims to do further by taking on a number of other gritty roles.

And now that the fourth season of Breaking bad has been pushed back several months, Cranston will be filling the gap between seasons by appearing in Suri Krishnamma’s (Wuthering Heights) upcoming indie thriller; The Grief Tourist; a film about a troubled man obsessed with serial killers, who spends his time retracing the steps of murderers, and begins to become more and more like them as his obsession grows.

Although there’s no confirmed start date as of yet; having Bryan Cranston  playing a troubled serial killer alongside Southland’s Michael Cudlitz, in a script that’s been written by Band of Brothers scribe Frank John Hughes; means that The Grief Tourist will definitely be a film to look out for in the future.

But before The Grief Tourist gets started, and receives its release, Bryan will be seen in John Carter of Mars (for which he has already finished his work), and is rumoured to be linked with a role in the upcoming fantasy romantic-comedy London Fog, not to mention stepping back into the shoes of Walter White; and showing the world just what a drug dealing chemistry teacher can do; in the fantastic show Breaking Bad.