Top Ten Hollywood Stunt Men

Read a list of the Top 10 stunt men and women in Hollywood, celebrating the release of Point Break on DVD and Blu-ray June 13th.

Goldfinger Clips Celebrating 50th Anniversary

Watch two clips from the classic James Bond movie Goldfinger, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the film.

The Mechanic: An Interview with Star Donald Sutherland

Read our interview with screen legend Donald Sutherland, discussing his work on The Mechanic (2011), working with Jason Statham, and the original movie.

Best TV Shows Of 2014

We run down the best TV shows of 2014, and talk about some of those which didn't quite make the final cut.

Ride Along 2 Clip

See Kevin Hart's approach to stunt work in this new clip from Ride Along 2 - available on digital HD from Monday 16th May and on Blu-ray and DVD from 30th May.

Exclusive Clip – Gotham: Season One

Watch an exclusive clip from Gotham; the TV series exploring the dark world of the city which birthed the Batman.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps; an Interview with star Josh Brolin

Read a review with Josh Brolin; discussing his career as a trader, acting, farms, and the future; to promote the U.K. release of Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps.

Exclusive: Fury Deleted Scene

Watch an exclusive clip from David Ayer's Fury; the WWII tank movie starring Brad Pitt; celebrating its release on Blu-ray and DVD.

THE OPEN ROAD: The Top 10 Greatest Road Movies of all...

Celebrating the release of The Open Road on DVD this month, we take a look at the top ten greatest road movies of all time.

Boardwalk Empire Season 4: Interview with star Margot Bingham

An interview with Margot Bingham, talking clothes, singers, inspiration, and the fourth season of Boardwalk Empire; released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 18th.

Everyone’s Going To Die – Max Barron Interview

An interview with Max Barron (of directing collaboration 'Jones'), discussing the new British comedy Everyone's Going to Die.

Game Of Thrones: Top Ten Moments – Season Four

Relive the top ten moments from Game Of Thrones Season Four, ahead of the season 5 premiere next week.

VEEP: Six Reasons To Watch

We run down six reason why you should be watching HBO's VEEP. Celebrating the release of VEEP Season 3 on Blu-ray and DVD March 30.

The Inbetweeners Movie Discussed by Writers Iain Morris and Damon Beesley

Learn what Inbetweeners creators/writers/directors Iain Morris and Damon Beesley have to say about the upcoming Inbetweeners Movie, the show's future, and more.

Top 10 Worst Chat-Up Lines – Hello Ladies

Some of the worst and most cringe-worthy chat-up lines, celebrating the Blu-ray and DVD release of Stephen Merchant's HBO comedy Hello Ladies Season 1.

Top 10 TV Shows Of 2015

We run down the best TV shows of 2015, and talk about some of those which didn't quite make the final cut.

Date Night: Deleted Scene

Watch a deleted scene from Date Night; a comedy starring Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, about a married couple who have a date turn into a hilarious adventure.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Leak Irrelevant?

Terry lewis discusses the recent leak of episodes from Game Of Thrones Season 5; why piracy isn't the best choice, but won't ultimately damage the show too badly.

Top 10 Road Trip Movies

Celebrating the release of On The Road we look at the top ten road trip movies of all time.

Game Of Thrones: Top Ten Moments – Season One

Relive the top ten moments from Game Of Thrones Season One, ahead of the season 5 premiere later next week.

Best Cameos In Girls Season 4

A pick of the best cameos during Season 4 of HBO's Girls; available to download now.

Worst 5 Films of 2014

We run down the worst films of 2014, and talk about some of those which narrowly missed out a thorough scathing.

Immortals Clips

Watch two clips from the recently released fantasy/action movie Immortals, starring Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke. Out now on 3D Blu-ray and DVD.

How to Survive an Alien Invasion

Just in case we're ever invaded by aliens, we take a look back at some of Hollywood's most recent alien invasion movies, and learn how to fend off an attack.

Mercenary: Absolution- Byron Mann Interview

Liam Hoofe interviews Byron Mann; star of the new Steven Segal action movie Mercenary: Absolution.

Treasure Island: An Interview With Toby Regbo

Toby Regbo discusses playing Jim Hawkins, and co-starring with Eddie Izzard, in the gritty new telling of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale Treasure Island.

Mad Max PS4 Review

Mad Max; part Arkham clone, part sand-based GTA, it fully embraces the voice of the films like a second-hand muscle car. Read our full review now.

Clint Eastwood: A Look Back at the Career of a Hollywood...

With his latest film J. Edgar in cinemas everywhere, we look back at the career of one of Hollywood's greatest writers, directors, and stars; Clint Eastwood.

Priest: Behind the Scenes Clip

Watch a behind the scenes clip from Priest; the upcoming movie starring Paul Bettany as a vampire-killing clergyman.

Olive Kitteridge Awards/Star Power Infographic

Scan our Olive Kitteridge infographic to see the real star power behind the impressive cast of HBO's award-winning miniseries.

Simon Pegg Talks Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Read an interview with Simon Pegg, discussing his work on Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, friendship with Tom Cruise, and more.

Top 10 Movie Car Chases

Read about ten of the best car chases ever seen in movie history, from Bullitt to The Italian Job, and Death Proof. Celebrating the release of Safe House.

Kill List Discussed by Director and Stars

Learn what writer/director Ben Wheatley and stars Neil Maskell and MyAnna Buring have to say about their upcoming thriller Kill List; a British hitman movie.

Top 5 Films of 2015 So Far

From action to drama, children's to horror, Liam, Matt, Michelle, and Terry pick their Top 5 Films of the year so far.

Original Vs. Remake – Poltergeist

Poltergeists go head-to-head in Terry Lewis' comparative review/examination of the cult horror classic, and its brand new remake.


Read a selection of the sharpest, meanest and funniest insults delivered by Selina and her team in Veep: Season 3. On Blu-ray and DVD March 30.

Exclusive Clip – The Book of Life

Watch an exclusive clip, where cast and crew discuss the beautiful and unique world of The Book Of Life. On DVD and Blu-ray Monday.

10 Most Disappointing Films of 2015

We run down the worst films of 2015 - featuring talking bears, tepid action, and *shudder* Adam Sandler.

Bones Season 6 Clips

Watch two clips from Bones: The Complete Sixth Season, learn what affects the team this season, when season seven will premiere, and more.

Top 10 Films of 2014

We run down the top films of 2014, and talk about some of those which didn't quite make the final cut.

Ex_Machina Clip

Watch a clip from Alex Garland's impressive new sci-fi movie Ex_Machina - out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

Explore Jim Jarmusch’s Films This September With the BFI

Take a look at four film by renowned indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, ahead of the Jim Jarmusch and Friends season at the BFI this September.


With the release of HBO's Boardwalk Empire Season 5 on Monday 12th January, we take a look at some of the classic cars used in the show.

Christmas Good Film Guide 2011

Our handy guide of the best Blu-rays and DVDs available to give and receive this holiday season, broken down into handy categories such as comedy, and family.

Ride Along 2: Interview with director and producer

Read an interview with director Tim Story, and producer Will Packer, ahead of the Ride Along 2 home entertainment release.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailers and Images

See the official trailer, a host of images, a selection of clips, plus learn when Game of Thrones season 4 will premiere on TV.

Rob Hurtt – A Look At The Career Of The British...

Guest writer Anca I Niţulescu provides an insightful look back at some of British director Rob Hurtt's short films.

Tales Of Halloween: Pollyanna McIntosh Interview

We talk to star Pollyanna McIntosh about new horror movie Tales Of Halloween, and her turn in the upcoming Hap and Leonard TV series.

Oscars 2011 Review

Read our review of this year's Oscars; the 83rd annual Academy Awards; covering the ceremony itself, the presenters, and of course those all important winners.

Boardwalk Empire Teams With London Speakeasy For Prohibition Cocktails

Learn about a new range of cocktails inspired by HBO's Boardwalk Empire, where they can be purchased, and the Boardwalk Empire Season 5 release date.


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