Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 review

Loveable misfits the Guardians of the Galaxy return for Vol. 2, but can their latest comedy-space-adventure live up to the hilariously fun first outing?

Sleepless review

Jamie Foxx is out for revenge against the people who kidnapped his son in Sleepless; an entertaining, though easily forgettable, action movie.

Fast & Furious 8 review

Vin Diesel and co. return for more logic-defying schlock in Fast and Furious 8; full of family and fast cars it's, guaranteed to excite the Fast franchise's loyal fans.

The Commitments 25th Anniversary Blu-ray review

Matt Wheeldon reviews The Commitments: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray; "fun, fresh, witty, enjoyable and relevant as it ever was."

Hell Or High Water Review

Chris Pine/Jeff Bridges heist thriller Hell or High Water is a "magnificent movie which will restore your faith in films." Read Matt Wheeldon's full review now.

Suicide Squad review

Matt Wheeldon reviews David Ayer's, flawed but fun, Suicide Squad in full.

Gomorrah Season 1 & 2 Blu-ray Review

An in-depth, spoiler-free, review of Gomorrah: The Complete Season 1 & 2 box set. Available now from Arrow Films.

Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Matt Wheeldon reviews the Ghostbusters remake; a fun film, with a great cast, which unfortunately fails to live up to original. Read our full review for more.

Legend of Tarzan, The Review

While it has its problems, Matt Wheeldon says The Legend Of Tarzan has everything you could want from a Tarzan movie. Read our full review for more.

Central Intelligence Review

Despite Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart making a "perfect comedy duo", Central Intelligence is letdown by "woeful writing." Read Matt Wheeldon's review for more.

Point Break (2015) DVD Review

As the remake of classic action movie Point Break hits DVD, Matt Wheeldon takes a look at the film he calls a "surprisingly drab stunt-team highlight reel."

Mother’s Day Review

Matt Wheeldon reviews Garry Marshall's latest ensemble comedy/romance picture, Mother's Day; "a lifeless shell of a film."

Ride Along 2 Blu-ray Review

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart return as the brothers-in-law for buddy-cop comedy Ride Along 2. Read our in-depth Blu-ray review here.

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

X-Men: Apocalypse is "a dreary drudge of an unexciting experience." Read our full review for more.

Green Room Review

Patrick Stewart as a Neo Nazi clubhouse leader getting rid of a band of witnesses sounds great right? As Terry Lewis finds out in his review of Green Room, it's more "irritable with some immensely satisfying kills."

Respectable – The Mary Millington Story Review

Review of Respectable - The Mary Millington Story; a documentary about the life and legacy of '70s British porn icon Mary Millington.

Captain America: Civil War Review

It's the ultimate battle between heroes as Marvel Studios' Avengers explodes with Captain America: Civil War! Terry Lewis finds however that the real fight is between spectacle and plot.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Flawed but fun, it's our review of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; Zack Snyder's new superhero movie, on the road to The Justice League.

10 Cloverfield Lane Review

Terry Lewis finds the stealthily created Cloverfield spiritual successor is alot smarter than people would expect, in his review of bunker psychological thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane

Perfect Guy, The DVD Review

Matt Wheeldon reviews stalker/thriller The Perfect Guy, starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, and Morris Chestnut.

Club, The Review

'Difficult to watch yet impossible to turn away from.' Matt Wheeldon reviews Pablo Larraín's award-winning film The Club, in full, ahead of its UK release.

Criminal Activities Review

John Travolta, Michael Pitt, and Dan Stevens star in the Jackie Earle Haley directed Criminal Activities. Read our full review of the film now.

London Has Fallen Review

After Olympus, London Has Fallen and taken the franchise down a sadly forgettable road. Read our full review for more.

Forest, The Review

Game Of Thrones' Natalie Dormer goes off into a suicide spot wood in The Forest - Terry Lewis finds out it ends as well as you expect

Road Within, The Review

A young man with Tourette's, an OCD sufferer, and an anorexic woman take a road trip in heartfelt indie film The Road Within. Read our full review now.

Finest Hours, The Review

Chris Pine and Casey Affleck co-lead The Finest Hours; "a paint-by-numbers rescue film" which sadly lack the tension needed to make it exciting.

How To Be Single Review

"Neither conventional enough to pull the heart strings, or raunchy enough to be properly funny", How To Be Single is out now. Read our full review here.

Deadpool Review

The Merc With A Mouth gets his first proper film outing in an R-rated, Ryan Reynolds', comic-book movie which "is pure fun." Read our full review for more.

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Review

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies shuffles onto the big screen with the undead meets classic literature joke being disappointingly unfulfilled in Terry Lewis' review of it.

Triple 9 Review

Acclaimed director John Hillcoat aims for a hat trick of great films with bent cop crime thriller Triple 9. Despite an awesome cast, find out why Terry Lewis finds it 'unessential' with our review.

Goosebumps Review

Just in time for that scariest time of year - Valentine's Day - Terry Lewis checks in with his early UK review of the film adaptation of the Goosebumps children's horror book franchise.

5th Wave, The Review

Chloë Moretz takes on aliens in The 5th Wave; "a young adult movie in every sense of the word." Read our full review now.

Room Review

We review Lenny Abrahamsson's Room; a film that deserves its Oscar buzz, but should come with an emotional warning sticker.

Revenant, The Review

With awards season well underway, Terry Lewis reviews Leonardo DiCaprio's latest attempt to win an Oscar with Alejandro G. Iñárritu's Western tale of revenge The Revenant

Hateful Eight, The Review

Quentin Tarantino follows up a Western with another Western as Terry Lewis notices repetition and a lack of innovation in an otherwise fine effort in The Hateful Eight.

Cop Car Blu-ray Review

Kevin Bacon headlines Cop Car; the tale of who young boys who steal a police car from a sheriff with a dangerous secret. Read our full review now.

Straight Outta Compton Blu-ray Review

You are now about to witness the strength of bias production, as Terry Lewis sits down with the dark horse that threatens to steal all the nominations in awards season with F. Gary Gray directed N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Star Wars is back but Terry Lewis ponders how the franchise has 'barely progressed further in nearly 40 years'

Secret In Their Eyes Review

Read our review to find out why the US remake can't compare to the Oscar winning original Secret In Their Eyes.

Bridge of Spies (2015) Review

Potential awards contender Bridge Of Spies; directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Hanks, written by the Coen brothers, and reviewed by Liam Hoofe.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition Review

Learn how The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Extended Edition; the final chapter in the Middle Earth saga; compares to the theatrical release.

Ted 2 Blu-ray Review

Find out why we call Ted 2 "the very definition of an unnecessary sequel" in our in-depth Blu-ray review.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Review

Does The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 live up to the hype and provide a fitting end to the franchise? Read our review to find out.

Stranger, The Review

We review the Eli Roth produced horror movie The Stranger.

Kill Your Friends (2015) Review

Kill Your Friends; an obnoxious film based on John Niven's best-selling book about '90s music industry types; reviewed in full.

Goonies 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review

Hey You Guys! Matt Wheeldon has reviewed The Goonies 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition Blu-ray, and detailed the extensive list of special features included.

Entourage Blu-ray Review

Taking fan-servicing to a whole new level, HBO's Entourage makes it to the big screen. Read our full Blu-ray review here.

Spectre Review

Learn how director Sam Mendes coped with the "impossible task" of following up Skyfall with Daniel Craig's new James Bond film; Spectre.

Howl Review

A review of low budget British horror Howl; starring Sean Pertwee as the train driver of a stranded train, being hounded by werewolves.

Gotham: Season One Blu-ray Review

Terry Lewis gives us a detailed review of Gotham: Season One - a TV show set in a pre-Batman Gotham City,


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