X-Men: Days of Future Past – The Rogue Cut Blu-ray Review

It's the ultimate time-travelling showdown as old meets new in Fox's mutant X-Men franchise in Days Of Future Past!... again, but this time with added Rogue! Terry Lewis finds out if the Blu-ray recut is worth your money.

Ant-Man Review #2

It's winning over critics and audiences alike but does Ant-Man force Terry Lewis to become the Rant-Man?

Marshall At The Movies: Ant-Man

Marshall at the Movies examines Ant-Man under the magnifying glass and finds there's nothing that bugs it about Marvel's latest superhero fantasy.

Ant-Man Review

Matt Wheeldon review Marvel's latest superhero movie, Ant-Man. Starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

Warner Bros. cave and release Suicide Squad SDCC trailer

Watch in clear and perfect vision the Warner Brothers San Diego Comic Con first look trailer at Suicide Squad!

SDCC: Five minute long The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Comic Con trailer!

Watch the brand new look at Guy Ritchie's revival of 60's spy drama The Man From UNCLE with a five minute Comic Con trailer!

SDCC: New Red-Band/NSFW trailer for Sinister 2 is… well, sinister

Find out how far the follow up to Sinister will go in this rather gruesome Rated-R red band trailer from Comic con that's totally Not Safe For Work!

SDCC: Tarantino unleashes new details about The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino returns to San Diego Comic Con with new details, footage and casting for his Hateful Eight western!

SDCC: Leto Joker wins fans over as first Suicide Squad trailer...

Find out why Jared Leto's portrayal of The Joker has managed to turn fan support around, after the first Suicide Squad trailer was screened!

SDCC: Deadpool trailer shown twice to standing ovation; shoe-in for ‘Best...

The first trailer for Fox's solo movie about the Marvel Merc With A Mouth Deadpool earned a standing ovation or two!

SDCC: Second trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice lands

It's the ultimate superhero one-on-one fight with an all-new trailer with many first looks in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice!

SDCC: The Walking Dead creator gasps with Norman Reedus for Air

The trailer of the brand new post-apocalypse sci-fi thriller from the creator of The Walking Dead leaves you gasping for Air!

SDCC: Ben Affleck suits up to write, direct and star in...

Read up on the early details of Ben Affleck's solo Batman project where he will star, co-write and direct!

SDCC: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Bizarre Dance Teaser

See the weird but admittedly well choreographed new teaser to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2!

Lego Movie creators helm Star Wars Han Solo solo prequel

Early details are emerging about the team behind The Lego Movie taking the reins of Star Wars' Han Solo's first solo big screen adventure!

Debut Goosebumps Poster & Trailer to Give Yourself… Goosebumps

Not one but two trailers of the big screen version of the children's horror book series Goosebumps starring Jack Black!

Marshall At The Movies: Ted 2

Marshall Julius takes on Ted 2, in the latest instalment of Marshall At The Movies.

Ted 2 Review

Find out why Terry Lewis thinks Ted 2 is "a film of no redeeming value" and why he wants to "rip the stuffing out of Ted once and for all"!

Sharknado 3 Trailer and UK Release Date

A release date for the UK showing of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! on SyFy has been announced along with a new trailer!

Kickboxer (1989) Blu-ray Review

Re-released on Blu-ray, Matt Wheeldon explores the highs-and-lows of "one of van Damme's best films"; Kickboxer. Plus discusses the new HD transfer.

WWE: Daniel Bryan – Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes! DVD Review

Terry Lewis grapples first hand with the documentary of WWE's 'Everyman' fan favourite Daniel Bryan but comes away disappointed after a rehash of previously used footage.

Still Alice: Blu-ray Review

Terry Lewis finds out if Julianne Moore was deserving of all those Best Actress gongs from this year's award season as he reviews Alzheimer's drama Still Alice on blu-ray

Terminator Genisys Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in the fifth Terminator movie; Terminator Genisys. Read our review of the skippable sequel now.

Marshall At The Movies: Terminator Genisys

Marshall Julius reviews the "overly convoluted" Terminator Genisys in the latest Marshall At The Movies.

It Follows Blu-ray Review

Find out what makes It Follows "the best horror film in decades", and a "must buy Blu-ray."

Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Review

Orange Is The New Black Season 3 is now on Netflix, and reviewed in full here.

Everyone’s Going To Die Review

The first full length feature film from directing group Jones proves to be "entertaining and uplifting." Read our Everyone's Going To Die review to see how.

Minions Review

Can the usually amusing Minions maintain the fun in their first stand-alone movie? Terry Lewis finds out in our review of the first Minions movie.

Marshall At The Movies: Slow West

Marshall At The Movies travels back to the Old West to cast a favourable critical eye on, the "strangely sweet, exquisitely sad, and wryly humorous", Slow West.

Game of Thrones Season Five Review

Games Of Thrones Season 5, reviewed in full (with spoilers), by Liam Hoofe.

Mr. Holmes Review

Can a film with the amazing potential of Sherlock Holmes being played by Sir Ian McKellen live up to the hype? As Terry Lewis finds out, not quite.

Marshall At The Movies: Entourage

Marshall at the Movies continues with a review of Entourage; the big screen spin-off from the successful HBO show.

Marshall At The Movies: Jurassic World

An adventure 65,000, 022 years in the making, Marshall Julius launches Marshall at the Movies with a review of Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World (2015).

Accidental Love Review

Despite a recognisable cast, upcoming comedy Accidental Love remains a disjointed mess. Read our full review of the Jessica Biel, jake Gyllenhaal, movie now.

Jurassic World Review

Can Chris Pratt's dinosaur showcase ever top the original Jurassic Park? Read our Jurassic World review to find out.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Blu-ray Review

Street chav meets English gentry in Kingsman: The Secret Service; a glorious action/adventure with some unexpected violence. Read our full Blu-ray review now.

Entourage Review

It's a case of newcomers not welcome as HBO's A-list actor dramedy Entourage makes it to the big screen red carpet in a fine example of fan service satisfaction, according to Terry Lewis

Whiplash Blu-ray Review

Matt Wheeldon reviews the Whiplash Blu-ray: the definition of a must-see movie, a worthy Oscar-winner, and a true triumph of cinema.

Ex_Machina Blu-ray Review

In his directorial debut, science-fiction writer Alex Garland crafts a superb, stylish and slick test in A.I. conciousness. Read how Ex Machina is 'an essential film for 2015' with our Blu-ray review.

Tomorrowland Review

Unfortunately a $150 million budget, and some solid performances can't save Disney's Tomorrowland from a sub-standard script. Read our full review now.

Spy Review

The female empowering dream team of Paul Feig & Melissa McCarthy work the same old jokes but breath life into spy parodies in action comedy Spy

Big Hero 6 Blu-ray Review

Walt Disney Animation Studios turns on the adorable charm with a boy and his big cuddly robot story with a Marvel Comics twist in our Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray review

Stretch Blu-ray Review

Patrick Wilson stars as a limo driver with one night to pay off a $6k gambling debt in Stretch, the black comedy from Smoking' Aces' director Joe Carnahan.

San Andreas Review

The Rock takes on the mother of all quakes in sunny California as he continues for a box office hit to call his own as Summer Blockbuster Season 2015 rumbles on

Original Vs. Remake – Poltergeist

Poltergeists go head-to-head in Terry Lewis' comparative review/examination of the cult horror classic, and its brand new remake.

Commando: Director’s Cut Blu-ray Review

The grandaddy of all action movies gets the Director's Cut Blu-ray treatment finally as Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando unload to home media!

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Liam Hoofe explains why Mad Max: Fury Road could be not only the best film this summer, but the film of the year in his review of George Miller's latest.

Birdman Blu-ray Review

Michael Keaton delivers a career defining performance as a washed-up former Hollywood superhero trying to prove his worth in the darkly comedic drama Birdman.

Spooks: The Greater Good Review

Game of Thrones' Kit Harington joins TV-to-film action movie Spooks: The Greater Good, but does the BBC thriller transfer to the big screen? Read our review to fine out.

Far From The Madding Crowd Review

Adapted from Thomas Hardy's classic novel, Far From The Madding Crowd is a "mish-mash of styles, which will leave you frustrated." Read our full review for more.


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