Premium Rush Review

Our review of Premium Rush, an action/thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a New York City bicycle courier.

Last Stand Trailer and Poster

Watch the trailer, and see the poster, for Last Stand; the upcoming action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as an aging sheriff.

Bourne Legacy Review

Read our official review of The Bourne Legacy; a Jason Bourne spin-off starring Jeremy Renner as a rouge CIA agent on the run.

Bullet To The Head Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Bullet To The Head, the next action movie to star Sylvester Stallone. Plus learn who’s directing, the release date, and more.

Sponsored Video: Ted Official Red Band Trailer

Watch the official Red Ban trailer for TED; Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming comedy about a fully grown man with a talking teddy bear for a friend.

Tom Wilkinson Joins The Lone Ranger

Learn who Batman Begins star Tom Wilkinson will play in Disney's big screen adaptation of The Lone Ranger, who else is starring, directing, and the release date.

Cowboys & Aliens Plot: Amnesiac cowboys Jake Lonnergan (Craig) awakes in the desert with no memory of who he is, but soon finds himself fighting alongside the nearby...


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