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Viewer Beware – You’re In For A Jack Black

Columbia Pictures & Sony Pictures Entertainment have released not one but two trailers along with a rather colourful poster to start the buzz towards the big feature length debut of author R.L. Stine’s children’s horror series Goosebumps.

Due out for release in the USA just in time for Halloween on October 30th 2015, Gooosebumps sees Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day) moving next door to Hannah (Odeya Rush, Hunter’s Prayer) who by chance is R.L. Stine’s (Jack Black, The Brink) daughter. When Zach and his friend accidentally open one of the manuscripts to Stine’s fabled books, he unleashes a horrible creature into the real world and events spiral out of control as more and more are released. It’s up to Zach, the Stines and a bunch of school kids to save the day and send the horrible beasties back where they came from!

Early thoughts from me, having grown up reading the books as my first true taste of horror… well they’re clearly going for the kids angle aren’t they? It comes off as more of a fantasy movie rather than a truly scary one in the vein of Jumanji. Considering you have an Abominable Snowman scalding itself on a light, we will probably end up seeing more of a comedy aspect rather than true scares because the kids can’t handle that anymore apparently.

Of course, in true Goosebumps the book twist ending fashion, I’m calling it now – the characters of the film find out they’re in a big screen version of the books and attempt to write themselves into existence before the credits end.

Terry Lewis@lewisonlife
Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment Youtube