DiCaprio producing Captain Planet movie

Captain Planet exerpt

While several people have discussed bringing classic cartoon Captain Planet to the big screen, it’s looks as though The Revenant star Leonardo DiCaprio may actually resurrect the animated environmentalist; as, since Sony let the rights lapse, DiCaprio’s Appian Way production team have now picked up the rights to produce a Captain Planet film.

Running from 1900-1992, Cap‘ saw Earth spirit Gaia gifting magical rings to five teenagers who, together, could summon the titular superhero to help them solve all sorts of environmental catastrophes. Yet the next planned outing for Cap‘ would be a little bit different, as writing partners Jono Matt and Glen Powell have submitted a pitch which would place Captain Planet as a washed-up shell of his former-self, needing the aid of the teenagers to return to his former glory.

Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter.