Die Hard 5 Sending John McClane to Russia?


There’s still nothing officially confirmed at this point, but the rumour mill has once again been churning out stories regarding another potential Die Hard sequel; which could see Bruce Willis once again reprising the role of NYC cop John McClane, and being shipped off to Russia to engage with local forces, along with his son.

While the last Die Hard movie wasn’t exactly the most celebrated in the series, it still did decent business, and introduced a new generation to the vest wearing Roy Rogers fan, who loves to makes fists with his toes, shout “Yippie-Ki-Yay MotherFucker!”, and single handedly save the US from terrorist attacks, that is John McClane, and has had not only fans, but previously even Bruce Willis himself talking up a potential fifth movie in the series; which, according to current rumours, could be directed by John Moore.

Moore’s best known for directing The Omen remake, and the big screen adaptation of Max Payne, and has apparently been offered the directing gig outright, since director Noam Murro (Smart People); who was previously announced as the Die Hard 5 director; will be too busy working on his upcoming 300 spin-off to helm John’s next outing.

While we’re still waiting on official confirmation to see if Moore has been offered the job, if he accepts, or indeed if any of the plot elements ring true (with a film such as this there’s no telling how many versions of the script have been written and rewritten), it’s still an interesting nugget of news, and a great excuse to re-watch the classics, and ask ourselves if we really want another Die Hard?

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: Twitch.

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