Ellen Page joins post-zombie film The Third Wave

Ellen Page 01

Unlike the majority of zombie movies (focussing on either the initial outbreak or the height of it), upcoming thriller The Third Wave will instead take a peep at a post-zombie world; through the eyes of Freeheld star Ellen Page.

An interesting idea, The Third Wave will see a zombie outbreak cured and those who either exhibit symptoms or were previously affected facing problems both from their immediate families and society as a whole, as people attempt to come to terms with what happened during the outbreak, face increasing civil unrest, and see the government forced to take action.

Written and due to be directed by David Freyne (marking his directorial debut – following a short film based upon the idea which proved to be a successful pitch), The Third Wave will also star Sam Keeley (In The Heart Of The Sea), is due to begin filming in Ireland later this year, and has been said to “bring an entirely new perspective to the zombie genre” according to Page.

Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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