Apr 212016

Today’s Good Film Guide’s Guide To Good Films Podcast sees our editorial team of Terry Lewis & Matt Wheeldon run for their lives as we reflect on our recent trip to sample Secret Cinema Presents 28 Days Later.

Also we have a review of Criminal which is definitely the best film you’ll see Kevin Costner in all of 2016, a mountain of Cinemacon news fallout and reaction to climb, thoughts on that Doctor Strange trailer, and a mini rant bore out of the way too much comic book film and TV news that seems to have dropped this week.

All that and what we’ve been watching this past week and what we’re looking forward to seeing!

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0:00:00                  – Overview and What We’ve Watched
0:13:15                  – News
0:55:25                  – Criminal
1:10:14                  – Secret Cinema Presents 28 Days Later
1:36:15                  – What’s Coming Up

Terry Lewis@lewisonlife