Episode 6: The Nice Guys – The Good Film Guide’s Guide To Good Films Podcast


Today, our editorial pair of nice guys sit down to review… The Nice Guys. Can esteemed action screenwriter turned director Shane Black provide a fun return to the buddy genre of film? Or does the comedic duo of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe prove to be not as nice as you would think?

Elsewhere, casting news with our thoughts on John Boyega and Jake Gyllenhaal’s new gigs and a rebooted big screen Flash director. Also we take a look at the best of the recent trailers released with our thoughts on the look of Marauders, The Fundamentals Of Caring… and yes… Monster Trucks. All that and some impressive rants in what we’ve watched in your all-new edition of The Good Film Guide’s Guide To Good Films Podcast!

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0:00:00  – Intro & What We’ve Watched
0:31:16  – News
0:56:43  – Trailers
1:10:06  – The Nice Guys Review
1:29:58  – What’s Coming Up

News sources:
Who needs America? Warcraft destroys Chinese Box Office
Boyega keeps the apocalypse in the family with Pacific Rim 2
Gyllenhaal joins The Division
Black Panther confirms B. Jordan & Nyong’o
Namor rights back at Marvel’
We have a new big screen Flash director!
Could Sir Anthony Hopkins be the Transformers’ Last Knight?
Shane Black & Rock dream team revive Doc Savage
Rocky to fight a Skyscraper
Seveneves lines up Ron Howard to direct
Sollima seen for Sicario sequel Soldado
TJ Miller plugs into Ready Player One
New date announced for The Death Cure
Poor Dom Purcell
Legion led into season order by FX
Superman to Supergirl
Daniel Craig bring Purity to Showtime

Trailers referenced:

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