Episode 7: Independence Day: Resurgence & Gods Of Egypt – The Good Film Guide’s Guide To Good Films Podcast


On your brand new episode, it’s a pretty dark and depressing time to be in the UK this past week… and we haven’t even thought about the EU Referendum as both Gods Of Egypt and Independence Day: Resurgence slump out into cinemas. Does whitewashing do anything to cover up any special qualities of Gods? Can Resurgence rise above a close encounter of the meh kind? Find out inside.

Also, we round up all the new Justice League details, discuss the cancellation of Vinyl and more in the news as well as park up the latest trailers. All that and more to come in your all-new edition of The Good Film Guide’s Guide To Good Films Podcast!

(We also tried recording over Skype this week instead of face-to-face. Apologies in advance for audio differences)

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0:00:00  – Intro & What We’ve Watched
0:21:43  – News
0:58:29  – Trailers
1:28:14  – Gods Of Egypt Review
1:48:15  – Independence Day: Resurgence Review
2:15:12  – What’s Coming Up

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