Exclusive Clip – Gotham: Season One

Gotham S1 Blu-ray packshot

With Arrow and The Flash already proving DC Comics’ name is synonymous with quality in terms of its TV output, Gotham has furthered the ethos by creating a brand-new, exciting, and exceedingly different show populated with dark themes and super-villains; as seen in the exclusive clip below.

Set in a pre-Batman universe (though still based in Bats’ infamous city, and very much following the progression of Bruce Wayne – as we witness the murder of the young billionaire’s parents in the first episode), Gotham takes a look at the city where Bruce would eventually don the cowl; the darkness, the corruption, and the super-villains which would lead to the birth of The Dark Knight.

Following Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie, Southland), during his early days in the Gotham Police Department (many comic book and Batman film fans will know he eventually becomes Commissioner James Gordon) as he attempts to root out corruption and tackling some of the cities worst crimes, Gotham also follows the evolution of a young Bruce Wayne, and serves as an origin tale for many of Batman’s most infamous Super-villains; The Penguin; The Riddler; Catwoman; Poison Ivy; Hugo Strange; Two-Face; Mr. Freeze; and even The Joker.

Watch the exclusive clip below to get a glimpse at The Riddler (before he became The Riddler).

Gotham: The Complete First Season is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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