Expendables 4 confirmed by Stallone


With the announcement of an planned Expendables TV series, and a somewhat waining reception for the last theatrical outing, it appeared as though The Expendables’ big screen adventures were over; however franchise front-man Sylvester Stallone took to Facebook this weekend to assure fans that’s not the case.

Nu Image stated (in October 2015) a fourth film would be possible, thanks to an injection of Chinese funding (following nearly half of the Box Office takings for The Expendables 3 coming from China), and while it’s taken a little longer to get off the ground than expected, The Expendables 4 appears to be underway; with Stallone telling his followers he’s soon to start working out for “the next Expendables, [which is] gonna be great, fingers crossed! We’re gonna do our best and I think we’ve got some really great attitude going, some great ideas. I think everyone’s expecting something different and we’re gonna give it to ’em.”

Still, with only a vague update we’re still unclear on a lot of details; there’s been no official announcement for the film, no word on who’s directing, exactly who’s starring, where it will be set, a release date, or anything else. Still, we’d expect Stallone to be heading up the script, and front-and-centre when the cameras start rolling; which, if he’s getting in shape now, can’t be too far away.

Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.
Source: Sylvester Stallone (via Facebook).