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After last year’s critical success, but Box Office flop, The Beaver, Mel Gibson’s latest comeback movie is taking him out of the dramedy category and placing him at the forefront of an action movie once again; Get The Gringo; which has just had its first trailer released online (now available to view below).

Again not likely to break any Box Office records (as it’s going straight to Blu-ray and Video-On-Demand, exclusive to DirecTV in the US for a time; before traditional releases and download options become available), Get The Gringo (formerly titled ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation’) was co-written by Gibson and director Adrian Grunberg (best known for his assistant director work on films such as Traffic, Man on Fire, and Gibson’s Apocalypto), and will see Mel playing a criminal who crashes over the Mexican border to escape from US authorities, only to be picked up by the Mexican police, and get involved with a number of nefarious gangsters.

US viewers with access to DirecTV can catch Get The Gringo on May 1st, while Lionsgate UK plan to give the film its British release on May 11th.

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: Deadline.

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