How I Spent My Summer Vacation Clip


Otherwise known as Get The Gringo, the latest attempt at a comeback movie from Braveheart star Mel Gibson; How I Spent My Summer Vacation; is an upcoming action/comedy/thriller which has been directed by Apocalypto’s First Assistant Director (Adrian Grunberg), and has just had a new clip released online (now available to view below).

Starring as a career criminal known only as Driver, Gibson will spend his Summer Vacation crossing the Mexican border, getting thrown in jail, and then making friends (and enemies) out of the locals, when How I Spent My Summer Vacation is released on May 1st in the US, and on May 11th in the UK.

You can watch the official trailer for How I Spent My Summer Vacation/Get The Gringo below the new clip.

Matt Wheeldon.

Source: Empire.

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