Infini Review

Infini poster
Title: Infini
Director: Shane Abbess
Starring: Luke Hemsworth
Daniel MacPherson
Grace Huang
Genre: Sci-Fi
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 mins
Music: Brian Cachia
Studio: Vertical Entertainment
Certificate: 18
Release Date: 18 Sep 2015
See If You Like: Interstellar

The indie Sci-Fi genre has had something of a resurgence in recent years and the latest entry into the fray is Infini, an Australian movie by first time director Shane Abbess.

Set in the early 23rd century the film focuses on a group of astronauts/miners who are sent to colonise other planets. As the film kicks off one of these missions goes horribly wrong and a group are sent back contaminated with some sort of virus from the planet Infini, shutting down a whole unit of the base.  A search and rescue team is then deployed to find the problem and to help save everybody else left there.

Like last year’s Interstellar the film plays with the relativity of time, a mission on Infini that takes days only takes 30 seconds of time on earth. A novel premise to begin with the film ultimately ends up feeling a bit silly as you cut back and forth between Infini and Earth, with very little having happened on the latter.  The idea initially presents an interesting conundrum as the people on earth are given little time to react to the issues but this is handled poorly as the film carries on.

Despite it’s good start and its interesting premise the film quickly gives up and descends into a rather tiresome zombie space adventure, more interested in set pieces than in any sort of character or plot development.



This is unfortunate as the film starts relatively strongly and Abbess’ screenplay contains some solid dialogue in the opening phases. Starring the oldest, yet least successful Hemsworth brother Luke the film has solid performances across the board but they are wasted really as the film transcends into a generic space/zombie adventure, bringing with it all the tropes of both genres.

Above all else Infini feels like a wasted opportunity. The films opens with such promise and has an array of unearthed talent in its ranks but alas, it becomes an instantly forgettable Sci-fi flick destined for bargain bins and a rather speedy Netflix debut one would imagine.

Liam Hoofe@LiamHoofe.

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