Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No. It’s Henry Cavill


The role of Clark Kent/Superman in the upcoming reboot of the Superman franchise was always going to be a highly coveted role that huge numbers of young, dark haired, actors would be dying to get their hands on, and now the role of the extraterrestrial superhero has finally been cast, and gone to none other than Henry Cavill.

Best known for playing the best-friend of King Henry VIII; Charles Brandon; in Showtime’s The Tudors, British actor Henry was a frontrunner to play DC Comics’ Superman in Superman Returns (until the part finally went to Scott Pilgrim’s Brandon Routh), but losing that role ultimately left him open to appear in the new film; as the producers are looking to distance this reboot from anything that has gone before, and have been seeking a Superman around the age of 30 (which makes Cavill a perfect fit as he still looks the part, and turns 28 later this year).

Superman: Man of Steel (as the new film is being called) is due to be directed by 300’s Zack Snyder; who believes that Superman is “the king of all superheroes”; and unlike many reboots will not be an origin story, but promises to bring the classic hero thoroughly into the modern age.

David S. Goyer (the man who’s worked with Christopher Nolan on all of his Batman movies, and handled many other comic-book adaptations; including Blade, and Ghost Rider) is writing the screenplay for the movie from a story conceived by both him and Warner Bros.’ go to superhero guru; Christopher Nolan (who’s also serving as a producer on the film, and has his own superhero flick; The Dark Knight Rises; due to be released in July 2012).

It’s far too early to tell exactly how Cavill’s performance will turn out; and he’s up against stiff competition, as Christopher Reeve’s seminal performance as The Man of Steel hasn’t been beaten in 32 years; but The Man of Steel still remains one to watch; as it’s resting in the best possible hands (having Goyer and Nolan behind the story and production, and a director who’s known for his visual flare behind the lens); and will undoubtedly have fans queuing in their droves to see the man who’s faster than a speeding bullet, find himself on the wrong side of some kryptonite, when it opens in December 2012.

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