James Franco tries to impress Bryan Cranston in the Why Him? trailer


Looking like an edgier Meet The Parents, you can find the official redband trailer for Why Him? below, following a selection of stills from the film.

Coming from director John Hamburg (I Love You, Man), Why Him? will see Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston meeting his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time, and instantly beginning to loathe him. James Franco (127 Hours) stars as said boyfriend, “an internet-zillionaire” with “no filter”, and will spend the film trying to impress Bryan in an attempt to secure his blessing to marry Bry’s daughter (Zoey Deutch, Everybody Wants Some).

Why Him? is due to be released on Christmas Day in the US, but won’t make its UK release date until January 6th 2017.

Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.

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