Jane Goldman Writing X-Men: First Class


For at least the past few days, it’s been looking more and more likely that Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass) would end up writing the script for the next X-Men movie; and whilst it isn’t completely official as yet, it appears extremely likely that there will soon be some sort of official confirmation that that she will be writing the script.

The news is all but accepted as a confirmed fact, since Goldman’s husband, Jonathan Ross (ex-host of the BBC’s Film Programme), let the news slip via a couple of recent Twitter comments; the first of which said that his wife would be away for ten weeks, as a result of booking a writing gig on a big blockbuster, and last night writing that “the wife is away writing X-Men 4.”

Ross’ misprint instantly got a number of X-Men fans rather stirred up, as there has been no real news of a proper sequel to the X-Men franchise for some time, but a few hours ago he made sure to correct the error, and write that Jane “is currently writing X-Men: First Class” (stressing that she definitely is writing it), and added that “it’s just referred to as X-Men 4 around the house.”

The news is no real shock however, as Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) was announced as the director of the X-Men prequel last week; the film that’s supposed to focus on the relationship between Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart in the first three X-men films), and Erik Lehnsherr (otherwise known as Magneto, who was portrayed by Ian McKellen in the first three X-Men films), as well as showcasing the founding of Charles’ School For Gifted Youngsters; and after writing Stardust, The Debt, and Kick-Ass, with her, Vaughn has said that he couldn’t imagine writing a screenplay without her.

Ross also agrees that “they’re a great team”, and although he thought “the first two [X-Men movies] were pretty good scripts” is looking forward to First Class, which he confirms will be released “next summer”; but wouldn’t agree or disagree with one fan who believed that the film still won’t be as good as Captain America; answering back with the simple words, “don’t compare. Just enjoy.”

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