Mark Wahlberg is The Partner


While The Firm, The Pelican Brief, A Time To Kill, and numerous other adaptations showed us that films based on the work of author John Grisham could always be popular, and attract impressive casts, there hasn’t been a John Grisham movie since 2004; something which is soon to change, as Mark Wahlberg is currently developing The Partner.

The Fighter star Mark Wahlberg is producing, and planning to star in, the adaptation of The Partner; which was written back in 1997, and follows the tale of a lawyer who attempts to embezzle his company, and fake his death in order to escape with his fortune, but hits a few snags along the way, and becomes embroiled in a tricky murder charge.

With the departure of The Blind Side’s John Lee Hancock (who was, at one point, attached to both write and direct) The Partner is now in need of both a screenwriter and director, but will undoubtedly find a willing participant soon; as if the history of The Fighter has taught us anything, it’s that when Mark Wahlberg wants to make a movie, no matter how long it takes, he makes his movie.

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: Variety.

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