Michael Fassbender is Top Choice for Robocop Remake


While there’s still nothing official as yet, Jose Padilha; the Elite Squad director who will be helming the upcoming Robocop remake; has stated that while he knows “it’s early yet”, he would love to have Inglorious Basterds’ Michael Fassbender star as the titular half-man-half-robot in the upcoming remake.

Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop (previously played by the memorable Peter Weller; who was recently seen in Dexter) is a role that’s guaranteed to be highly sought after, and should Fassbender eventually take on the part (Padilha admitted he’s yet to even discuss it with the actor; who has an increasingly busy schedule) he will see himself murdered near the beginning of the film, only to be resurrected as an amnesiac cyborg who’s supposedly the perfect cop, yet suffers from recurring nightmares about his lost family.

Padilha’s Robocop, like the original, will also take place in a futuristic dystopian Detroit (which from our recent interview with Ray Stevenson; for Kill the Irishman; we already know can be a fairly dangerous place for a production), and is currently having its script fine-tuned by both Padilha and co-writer Josh Zetumer, before production can begin in the spring.

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: G1 Globo via Bleeding Cool.

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