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Norton by Symantec has been well known for years for high quality protection software against the likes of viruses and malware for your computer. To help raise awareness of how hacker culture benefits from Cybercrime, they’ve teamed up with Sundance award winning independent filmmaker Sean Dunne to create a documentary about hacker ethos and lifestyles called ‘In Search Of The Most Dangerous Town On The Internet’, and you can see a short clip from the documentary, followed by the official trailer below.

The goal of the documentary is to create discussion about the rapidly increasing and rich industry of Cybercrime, as well as realising the importance of protecting your identity and personal information when you use your computer. As revealed in the documentary, Cybercrime is a lucrative money-making business which affects millions of people worldwide every year. The hackers shown in the documentary are also shown influencing the socio-economic factors fuelling Romania’s underground information economy.

most dangerous town on internet buildingIn a part of the internet where money is made with just one click of a button and data is exchanged in a nanosecond, Norton tasked Sean Dunne and his team to go out and put real faces to the issue of Cybercrime, which for years has been thought of as a faceless industry, and uncover the identities of the human element behind the constant threats they unleash.

‘Most Dangerous Town’ is set against the mood & times of post-communism Romania in the town of Râmnicu Vâlcea, also known as ‘Hackerville’. The documentary is an eye-opening look at the people who live in one of the largest hacker communities in the world. With convicted hackers and scammers who have managed to gain access and corrupt accounts such as NASA, George Bush and the UK’s Royal Navy gathered in one location, you will see what methods they use to pull off Cybercrime online on unsuspecting victims.

Terry Lewis@lewisonlife

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