Resident Evil 5 Subtitled Retribution?


Barely a moment had passed since Resident Evil: Afterlife (the fourth movie in the successful Resident Evil series) opened at the Box Office, and a fifth movie had been announced; a movie which series star Milla Jovovich recently suggested (via her Twitter feed) could be titled Resident Evil: Retribution.

Keen to point out that it may not be the final title, Milla; who plays the series’ heroine Alice; added that she would “have to ask Paul to be sure”; Paul being her husband, the writer of all four Resident Evil movies so far (and the upcoming fifth), and the director of both the first and fourth movie.

Aside from hordes of zombies, we still don’t know exactly who Alice will be squaring off against this time (though Milla has confirmed it will not be the ‘Hunters’; a mixing of reptile DNA with the T-Virus; as “Paul doesn’t think there’s a big, awesome action scene that can be done with big frogs”), or which of the supporting cast will return, however Milla recently stated how she believes fans will “love who we bring back”, that both the “characters and the zombies are going to the next level”, and that whilst Paul is still writing the script, the “story is down” and contains a “huge surprise aboutt the origin of Alice.”

Milla and Paul hope to shoot Resident Evil: Retribution in Japan, in 3D, ahead of its scheduled release on September 14th next year.

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: Milla Jovovich.