Robocop for Joel Kinnaman


After the upcoming Robocop remake was brought back from the dead (not unlike its titular law enforcement agent) following the MGM financial crisis, questions arose as to who would be directing the new take on the classic film, and who would star as the hero Alex Murphy/Robocop; a question that now has an answer, as MGM recently offered the lead role to Joel Kinnaman.

Best known for his part in the US remake of The Killing, Joel could soon be stepping in front of the camera for Elite Squad director Jose Padilha; who’s stepped away from his original plans of hiring the likes of either Russell Crowe or Michael Fassbender, and will soon be looking for a suitable villain to stand opposite Kinnamon; in the film which has been written by Gran Torino’s Nick Schenk (with some Padilha tinkering), but is still lacking an official release date.

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: Deadline.

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