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Originally greeted with a mixed reaction, numerous negative reviews, and a good deal of controversy; surrounding its use of graphic violence and coarse language; film-fans and movie-goers have since grown to fully appreciate the work of filmmaker Brian DePalma, the performance of Al Pacino, and every intricate little nuance, and in-your-face moment, which created the true cult classic that is Scarface; a now beloved classic that’s soon to be released on Blu-ray.

Scarface sees Pacino star as one of the most memorable movie characters of all time; a ruthless, intense, and highly ambitious immigrant named Tony Montana, who’s out to control all of the cocaine trade in Florida (which he attempts to achieve through working his way up from the bottom of the the cutthroat business); and is an oft quoted movie that’s gone on to have an incredible influence on successive filmmakers (since its 1983 release) and even made an impact on real-life American gang culture (not bad for a film that earned it’s director a Razzie nomination).

Coming to Blu-ray via a regular edition (Triple Play), a Limited Edition Steelbook (Triple Play), and larger, more expansive, more inclusive, Limited Edition that includes a whole of of extra goodies (as well as the Triple Play Limited Edition Steelbook), the latest release of Scarface boasts not only superb 1080p picture quality and excellent audio, but also, as well as the entirety of the previously released DVD extras, a whole host of new special features; including a documentary on Scarface’s effect of both culture and other filmmakers, a Picture-In-Picture mode, and an onscreen scoreboard that clocks up the number of F-bombs dropped and bullets fired during the movie.

With several different editions being released in the U.K. and U.S., the U.K.’s premier edition comes in a hinged, cigar-style, box containing the Limited Edition Steelbook of the film (which happens to be a Triple Play edition), an exclusive ‘making of’ booklet, Tony Montana money clip, artcards and more, while the U.S.’s premier edition (of which only 1000 are being produced) will come with both the Blu-ray and a digital copy of the film, the 1932 original, and a hand-painted humidor (for a price tag of $999.99).

The trailer for the Scarface Blu-ray can be seen below, and anyone looking to purchase one of the new releases can pre-order them now (using the links below the trailer to order from, or, ahead of the September 5th U.K. release, and the September 6th U.S release.

Matt Wheeldon.

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