SDCC: Cowabunga Crossover! Batman to meet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in comics!


batman turtles coverI doubt “Cowabunga… my parents are dead.” is really going to get over as a catchphrase Bruce.

We’re not comic book snobs by any stretch of the imagination here at GFG but we only keep an eye on those relevant to movies and TV which is our bread and butter understandably.

However, DC Comics & IDW Publishing have announced at San Diego Comic Con a unique curiosity that’s too good not to talk about considering it’s about two of the biggest media properties ever. So, Batman, he of brooding in the shadows and The Dark Knight fame, is going to meet and team up with those heroes in a half shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Yes really. So Krang & his Foot Clan hatch a plot to despatch Shredder and those damn Turtles once and for all… in Gotham City, which as you can imagine attracts the attention of the Bat and members of his Rogue’s Gallery!

My interest has peaked already to warrant buying the collection of the six issue mini series when it’s released but there is a pretty good team behind it regardless. James Tynion IV has made a name for himself co-writing parts of the New 52 Bat-relaunch comics so it’s a smart move to give him a shot on a fairly high profile book such as this. Freddie Williams II is a digital artist who manages to pull off authentic looking watercolours artwork and received acclaim from his work on Robin.

Now, as positive as I am towards this, I do recall IDW’s previous cross-company licensed crossover in New Avengers/Transformers being pretty poor but with the appearance of a current creative team and the potential of awesome scenes of the Turtles teaming up with a fellow ninja in Bats, my heart is overruling my head at the moment. Can’t wait!

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is due to start in November 2015.

Terry Lewis@lewisonlife
Source: DC Comics Press Release