SDCC: Full length Heroes Reborn trailer asks “Where are the Heroes?”


heroes reborn title

There’s a bad habit of recycling shows that were cancelled or finished at a point of passing their sell by dates at the moment in the TV world, but at least NBC’s revival of Heroes in Heroes Reborn looks to add some context and meaning back to a show which lacked any before.

Debuting the first full-length trailer of the new series at San Diego Comic Con, there’s plenty of new faces and old favourites (as well as familiar iconography) making an appearance in this rebirth series and I do like the play-off some well known themes from comic book heroes and storylines. I think that creatively Heroes Reborn faces an uphill battle to make an impact when comic book TV shows are at a generally high quality and the gap in the market it filled – a comic book style normal people get superpowers series – is gone now, since comics shows are a dime a dozen nowadays.

Still, NBC will be debuting Heroes Reborn on a 13 episode run in the USA on September 23rd 2015.

Terry Lewis@lewisonlife
Source: Heroes YouTube