SDCC: New Red-Band/NSFW trailer for Sinister 2 is… well, sinister


sinister 2 title

With it’s U.S. August 21st 2015 release date coming up and San Diego Comic Con being the focus of movie websites attention, what better time to show off the presumably final, Rated-R, totally not safe for work trailer for Sinister 2?

With a strong theme of child murder and torture, Sinister 2 looks like it’s set to seriously get under your skin with numerous ways of people getting physically and psychologically punked. The follow up to Blumhouse Productions & Scott Derrickson’s smash hit sees a protective mother and her nine year old twin boys move into a rural house marked for death by the murderous spirit of Bughuul, as a pair of investigators attempt to thwart his attempts.

Sinister 2 stars Shannyn Sossamon (Wayward Pines), James Ransone (The Oldboy remake) and – in their acting debut – Dartanian & Robert Daniel Sloan.

FINAL WARNING: Material contained in the trailer is seriously Not Safe For Work. Watch at your own peril.

Terry Lewis@lewisonlife
Source: MovieClips Trailers Youtube