Sherlock Holmes 2: Behind the Scenes Video


After being granted a recent, and exclusive, visit to the set of Sherlock Holmes 2 (which remains so far without a subtitle), Entertainment Tonight have released a video of their behind the scenes footage; capturing stunts, green screens, interviews, and a short glimpse of Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) in an English-speaking role; which can be seen below.

As with any good mystery, the key plot details of the Sherlock Holmes sequel have been keep tightly under lock and key; all we do know is that the story takes place in 1892, and sees Holmes and his sidekick Watson (once again being played by Due Date’s Robert Downey Jr. and Cold Mountain’s Jude Law respectively) facing off against the criminal mastermind Moriarty (who’s being portrayed by Extraordinary Measures star Jared Harris).

Rounding out the supporting cast are Stephen Fry (Bones); who will be appearing as Holmes’ even cleverer (but infinitely lazy) brother Mycroft; and Noomi Rapace; who will be  playing the part of a mysterious, and fairly unknown, gypsy woman; when the film is released on December 16th in both the UK, and the US.

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