Sherlock Holmes 3 writer hired


After Robert Downey Jr. recently said he and director Guy Ritchie could film a third entry in their Sherlock Holmes franchise as early as this year, we now have a writer on board to re-visit the script.

Coyne came to the attention of the Sherlock team after writing a new take on Treasure Island for Warner Bros., and will be attempting to revitalise a Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) script which has been in the works since even before Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows hit cinemas in 2011. There’s very little known about the plot thus far, though returning Watson Jude Law has said it will be “smarter and cleverer, but in the same realm” as the first two Sherlock adventures.

Actually shooting Sherlock 3 this year will be a tall ask given the extremely tight schedules of Downey (who’s often busy with his Marvel work) and Ritchie (still finishing up his King Arthur movie), though at least we’re finally moving in the right direction.

Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.
Source: Deadline.