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Filth CoverAdapted from the acclaimed novel of the same name, originally written by iconic novelist and Trainspotting creator Irvine Welsh, Filth follows the story of one of the most corrupt and misanthropic coppers ever seen in British cinema, and will soon be making its debut on Blu-ray and DVD.

James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class) stars as the alcoholic, drug-taking, sex-crazed, manipulative copper Bruce Robertson, in Filth, and spends the movie attempting to twist his world, and expose the secrets of his colleagues (and steal their wives) in order to land an illustrious promotion, all while investigating a high-profile murder case, and witnessing his dark and hidden past slowly rear its head; things which all begin to slowly take their toll on his fragile  mental state.

Adapted, and directed, by Jon S. Baird (Cass), Filth boasts a stellar British cast; including not only McAvoy, but Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter), Eddie Marsan (The World’s End), and Imogen Poots (Fright Night), and has not only earned McAvoy the “Best Actor award” at the (Moet British Independent Film Awards), but seen Jon S. Baird named “Breakthrough British Filmmaker” at the London Critics Circle Awards this week.

Unique, darkly comedic, and a brilliantly compelling adaptation of one of Welsh’s best novels, Filth is due to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday February 10th, courtesy of Lionsgate Films, and you can see the official trailer for the film below (following the vine video of a short prank, emphasising the rebellious character of Bruce Robertson).

Check out the official Filth Facebook Page here, or pick up the Blu-ray or DVD, from Amazon, here.

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