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Sabotage Arnold Schwarzenegger

After The Last Stand, and Escape Plan, left even the hardiest Arnold Schwarzenegger fans questioning his return to Hollywood, his latest shot at making a movie-hero comeback looks to give fans exactly what they want; Arnie, and a shed-load of action; as seen in the new trailer for Sabotage, which is now available to view below.

Essentially Arnie’s own Taken movie, Sabotage will find the former Terminator leading an elite DEA unit to victory over a huge drug cartel, before a $10m chunk of the drug-bust money goes missing, and his squad members begin to get killed off; something which is a big enough problem in itself (placing the unit under the scrutiny of an internal investigator played by The Sixth Sense’s Olivia Williams), but quickly gets compounded when Arnie’s own wife and son are kidnapped, and he’s goes on the warpath to save them.

Co-written and directed by David Ayer (the man who not only wrote Training Day, but directed End of Watch), with Swordfish’s Skip Woods holding the second scripting pen, Sabotage will see Schwarzenegger sharing his screen time with co-stars Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Sam Worthington (Avatar), Terrence Howard (Red Tails), and Josh Holloway (Lost), when it’s released on May 7th in the UK (having already made its official US release date on March 28th).

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