Sponsored Video James Franco Is Preggers


The award winning Fact Checkers Unit (FCU) are back, once again sifting fact from fiction and investigating the most absurd celebrity facts, with their latest episode (which can be seen below) seeing the duo of Dylan and Russell (Brain Sacca and Peter Karinen respectively) uncovering the truth behind a picture featuring an apparently pregnant James Franco.

Sponsored by Samsung Moblie, the new video sees the FCU using the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3, and The Premium Suite software package (which includes advanced note-taking applications, enhanced productivity tools, and an Android 4.0 OS upgrade), to complete their mission and show us that the 127 Hours star James Franco is actually a shapeshifter who can transform into any shape he chooses (including a couple of well known actors).

Beginning back in 2008 as a short film featuring Bill Murray, the first season of The Fact Checkers Unit featured cameos from celebrities such as Jon Heder, Karolina Kurkova, Luke Perry, Donald Faison, and Alex Trebek and promoted the Samsung Galaxy S,while Season 2 featured the Galaxy Note, and cameos from T-Pain, Moby, Run DMC, and Mary-Lynn Rajskub, and the full series (including seasons one and two) has now been made available over at Hulu (currently only available to people in the US).

You can find out more about Samsung, the Galaxy Note 5.3, and The Premium Suite software upgrade (which debuted in Germany on May 10th, and is currently being rolled out in other regions) by visiting Samsung’s Facebook page, or by following each of the Fact Checkers Unit’s adventures over on their dedicated Youtube Channel.

Matt Wheeldon.

This article was sponsored by Samsung Mobile.

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