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Aiming to inspire filmmakers to create videos for big brands and social causes, MOFILM encourages aspiring filmmakers to compete to produce the best possible ads for some hugely recognizable brands; and has now seen entries for their latest competition developing a short film advertising the new Chevrolet Volt (one of which can now been seen below).

In order to promote the new Volt, the team behind the video below produced a short film about a ravenous zombie attack which caught up to them, and threatened to see their very lives expunged, only to have a beautiful girl in a brand new Chevrolet Volt ride to the rescue, because, as we all know, the Chevrolet Volt is The Electric Car that Goes Further (capable of traveling more than 500 kilometers, and fully eliminating the ‘range anxiety’ usually faced by owners of electric cars).

Even though the film showcases a pair whose car runs out of gas, gas can also be the saving grace for Volt owners, as even if there’s nowhere to stop and complete a 4 hour full charge on your Volt (after your 500km+ journey), you can simply refuel, and carry on as normal; making the Volt one of the premier choices for people looking to have an electric car, be their only car.

With a top speed of 161km/h (roughly 100mph) there’s also no doubting that the Chevrolet Volt would be able to easily outrun a pack of rampaging zombies (and even leave them some clean air, given its zero CO2 emissions), but other films entered in the MOFILM competition have also included a more thorough description of range anxiety (involving business men stuck in a pen), an Assassins Creed themed, video-game based, analogy of why inferior batteries should be avoided, and an amusing look at a fictional Range-Anxiety support group.

More information about the award-winning Chevrolet Volt (named 2012 car of the year) can be found on the official Chevrolet website.
And you can learn more about past, and upcoming, MOFILM competitions here.

Matt Wheeldon.

This article was sponsored by Chevrolet.

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