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Coming from the mind of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane (in his feature-film directing debut), Ted is the tale of a young boy whose childhood dream came true when he wished his favourite teddy bear to life; before growing up with the cuddly wonder, only to have him mature into a sex-obsessed, drug-taking, potty-mouth who’s still hanging around 27 years later.

Diving back into the comedy world, a perfectly suited Mark Wahlberg (Contraband) headlines the cast of em>Ted as John Bennett (Ted’s best friend and owner); a man who starts a new relationship with a beautiful young woman named Lori (Mila Kunis, Family Guy), who finds living with the foul-mouthed Ted more than a little irritating, and eventually gives John an ultimatum – either Ted moves out, or they’re finished.

Having been motion-captured entirely from MacFarlane himself, and brought to life with Peter Griffin’s voice (the voice MacFarlane uses in Family Guy), Ted will co-star Giovanni Ribisi (Contraband), Joel McHale (Community), and Laura Vandervoort (V), as well as feature a special appearance Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), when it’s released on August 1st in the UK.

For more information about Ted you can follow Ted on Twitter (be ready for plenty of talk about sex and drugs, and be sure to use the hashtag #Tedisreal to join the conversation), like Ted on Facebook (and again be ready for plenty of offensive chatter), or read Ted’s blog (which is definitely Not Suitable For Work, NSFW).

Matt Wheeldon.

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More information about Ted can be found on the official Ted website, by following Ted on Twitter, liking Ted on Facebook, or reading Ted’s blog.

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