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Matt Damon and previous director Paul Greengrass may not be returning for the latest installment in the Bourne franchise, but it turns out Jason Bourne was just the tip of the action-laden, hidden-spy, iceberg. There was never just one, and going by the recently released trailer for The Bourne Legacy (now available to view below), each of the trained assassins were just as proficient, deadly, and dangerous as the infamous Jason Bourne.

Starring Jeremy Renner (The Avengers) as Aaron Cross; another CIA trained assassin who completes his training and moves on to complete various questionable missions, before the tables are eventually turned (by some of the events which took place in the original Bourne trilogy) and he finds himself at odds with the company; The Bourne Legacy has been directed by regular Bourne writer Tony Gilroy, from an original story by Gilroy; which adds a whole new aspect to the universe created by celebrated Bourne author Robert Ludlum.

Renner will also be joined by series newcomers Edward Norton (Fight Club), Rachel Weisz (The Mummy), Stacy Keach (American History X), and Oscar Isaac (Drive), as well as franchise regulars Joan Allen, Albert Finney, Scott Glenn, and David Strathairn, when The Bourne Legacy is released on August 3rd in the US, before making its UK release date on August 13th.

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