Sponsored Video – Win a Trip to Chaos Island with Lynx


Being no strangers to promoting their products in new and innovative ways (including unleashing the world’s first Invisible Ad Installation in Sydney) Lynx are now offering fans the chance to win a trip of a lifetime, and visit their infamous “Chaos Island” in the Caribbean.

Celebrating the launch of Lynx Attract earlier this year (which saw the usually male-oriented brand launch its first ever female fragrance alongside a male one), the competition began on August 14th, via the Lynx Effect Facebook Page, and asks entrants to decipher a series of clues obtained by tweeting #chasethechaos and visiting the Lynx Effect Facebook Page, before awarding the first person to successfully solve the Lynx enigma with a pair of ‘money can’t buy’ tickets to Chaos Island in the Caribbean.

With a total of 14 tickets up for grabs, and 7 chances to win (with prizes being awarded to not only the first person to solve the mystery, but also a number of those who successfully complete the treasure hunt), there are another five treasure hunts scheduled to take every Tuesday at 4pm, and Saturday at 10am (the next hunt begins at 10am on Saturday the 18th of August), giving you and a mate several chances to join in the races, solves the clues, and win an exclusive pair of tickets to Chaos Island.

British surfer chick Sophie Hellyer is presenting the video clues, and giving fans their first glimpse of the ‘money can’t buy prize’ which could take you to the luxury Chaos Island, and let you experience the party of a lifetime, in true Lynx style.

More information on the competition (which closes on September 2nd) can be found on the Lynx Effect Facebook Page, and you can watch the first promo for the campaign below.


This article was sponsored by Lynx.

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