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Stolen AAfter helming what many people classed as the best action film of 2012 (The Expendables 2), director Simon West has once again teamed-up with Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage (for the first time since Con Air), for the upcoming action/thriller Stolen; a fast-paced heist movie; the official trailer for which can now be seen below.

Admitting that he’d “say yes to Simon West on almost anything”, Cage jumped at the chance to headline the cast of Stolen, and appear as ex-con Will Montgomery; a man who’s spent the last eight years in prison (after a heist he was involved with went south), but vows to turn his back on his life as a master-thief, and repair his relationship with his now estranged teenage daughter.

His old partner-in-crime (Josh Lucas, Life As We Know It) has other ideas however, and kidnaps Montgomery’s daughter in an attempt to convince him to hand over the $10million in heist money that got him sent down; the only problem is Montgomery doesn’t have the money (no matter what the FBI believe), so with only a few hours to hand over the ransom, Will must team-up with the sexy and smart crook Riley Jeffers (Malin Akerman, Rock of Ages), to pull off another once-in-a-lifetime heist, and get his daughter back.

British born director Simon West (who’s got a clear history of bringing hugely entertaining action movies to the Box Office; including not only Con Air and The Expendables 2, but The Mechanic, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), classifies Stolen as a heist movie, but admits the film, which takes place during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, has “all the pyrotechnics and the roller coaster ride of an action movie”, so should pack plenty of punch when it makes its March 22nd release date here in the UK.

Stolen is due to be released on March 22nd in the UK, and you can find out more by visiting the official Stolen UK Facebook page here.
Matt Wheeldon.

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