Nov 182013
Phantom DVD Review

Starring Ed Harris, David Duchovny, and William Fichtner, Phantom is based on real events that unfolded when a Soviet submarine went rogue during the Cold War.

Aug 072013
Heat, The Review

A lot of people are hyping up The Heat as massive change in female lead movie dynamics by shockingly having a buddy cop comedy action movie… with two women. Whilst not the most overly shocking development in movie history, it does raise the questions of whether director Paul Feig can improve his work after the […]

Aug 052013
Monsters University Review

Confession to make – I didn’t like Monsters Inc. Decent idea on paper, stretched to it’s limits, sugarcoated in Pixar awesomeness may have managed to get families in but not me. I can see what they were going for and respect it but not my cup of tea. So imagine my disgust when they not […]

Jul 042013
East, The Review

The East is the latest film from the Zal Batmanlij (Sound of my Voice) and Brit Marling (Another Earth) team, who are fast becoming names to watch. This is perhaps why the film has attracted some interesting names – Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood), Ellen Page (Juno) and Patricia Clarkson (Easy A) – who all deliver […]

Jul 032013
This Is The End Review

Well, after my last review in The Internship where I said there was barely life in the early 2000’s generation of comedy actors and the genre – turns out I was a bit wrong with that with this week’s release of This Is The End, with it’s superb high concept, terrific energetic cast and actual […]

Jun 282013
Internship, The Review

I’ll be honest, I did not like the look of The Internship the first time it appeared in film trailer browsers. It looks like something crawled out of the last decade with an attention-grabbing but rather clichéd concept with two old bucks of the comedy genre leading the charge with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. […]

Jun 072013
Byzantium Review

Neil Jordan clearly hopes lightening will strike twice for his moody vampires in Byzantium as a spiritual follow up to Interview With A Vampire

May 172013
Mud Review

Matthew McConaughey shows off his acting chops again and proves he’s not a stick-in-the-Mud in his latest indie vehicle… uh, Mud!

Oct 072012
Parker Trailer

Watch the first official trailer for Parker, the upcoming action/thriller starring Jason Statham as Donald Westlake’s infamous character.