Feb 142011
BAFTA 2011 Winners

Read our coverage of the 64th BAFTA Award Ceremony to see who walked away with prestigious awards such as Best Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.

Sep 152010
Fox Gets Outnumbered

Fox have ordered a pilot for an adaptation of British sit-com Outnumbered; about two parents, often overwhelmed by their children. Read on for full details.

Jun 072010
Exam: Blu-ray Review

Blu-ray review for Exam; a British psychological thriller, where 8 candidates try to outwit each other, and pass a rather unusual interview, to get a dream job.

Feb 232010
Up: Blu-ray Review

Up tells the story of a grieving widower who defies the odds and, rather than face a bleak end in a soulless retirement home, chases the dreams of adventure that he once shared with his lost love. Read our review to find out how Pixar’s latest hit looks on Blu-ray, and if it deserves to win this year’s Best Film Oscar.