Mar 302011
Rio: Movie Review

Review of Rio; the upcoming animated children’s movie from Fox, about a rare bird who travels to Rio De Janeiro to meet his mate, and quickly gets kidnapped.

Feb 022011
Fighter, The Review

Read our review of The Fighter; the incredible true story of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward, who’s family turmoil threatened to finish his entire boxing career.

Mar 102010
Defendor Denied Theatrical Release

‘Defendor’ the comedy/drama Superhero flick, starring Woody Harrelson and Elias Koteas, has been refused a theatrical release in the U.K. Find out why, and if we can expect a DVD release, or if ‘Defendor’ has been lost for good.

Dec 082009
Gran Torino: Movie Review

Full movie review of Clint Eastwood’s epic drama, and possible final acting role, about a Korean War veteran whose pro-American, anti-everything else, views begin to clash with his Hmong neighbors culture, and the local, gang affiliated, youths.