Jun 092012
Flight Trailer

Watch the trailer for Flight; starring Denzel Washington as a pilot being investigated after an intense plane crash. Plus learn who else is starring and more.

Nov 052011
Safe House Trailer

Official trailer for Safe House; the upcoming action/thriller which places Denzel Washington as a rogue CIA agent turned assassin, alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Aug 092010
Unstoppable Trailer

Watch the trailer for Unstoppable; a Tony Scott film where Denzel Washington and Chris pine attempt to stop a runaway train from wiping out an entire city.

Jan 122010
The Taking Of Pelham 123: Blu-ray Review

Morton Freedgood’s novel and the 1974 thriller movie ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’ has once again been adapted and modernized for a post-9/11 audience. Read our full review of the film and its high definition release to find out just how it stacks up against the classic.