May 112011
Way, The Movie Review

Review of The Way; a film directed by Emilio Estevez, and starring Martin Sheen; about a father who loses his son, and takes his ashes backpacking across France.

Nov 302010
Restrepo: DVD Review

DVD review of Restrepo, a documentary following the men of a single platoon during their deployment to the Korengal Valley; the “deadliest place on Earth”.

Sep 152010
Fox Gets Outnumbered

Fox have ordered a pilot for an adaptation of British sit-com Outnumbered; about two parents, often overwhelmed by their children. Read on for full details.

Feb 172010
Michael Jackson: This Is It: Blu-ray Review

Michael Jackson’s This Is It, is a collection of his personal rehearsal tapes, for his ill-fated final tour. Read Our review to find out if the King of Pop’s tour would have really been worth watching, how he looked during his final days, and if the picture and sound can really live up to the musical heights of the legend.